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The practical magic Activation Deck is the UK's first 'personal life coach in a box' which works to reconnect people back to their inner wisdom and activates practical and pragmatic positive change.

The toolkit is 56 vibrantly individually illustrated cards and an accompanying book which has a powerful activation exercise for each design. Using four pillars: calm, create, empower and vitality, Practical Magic gives people the tools to slow down and ease overwhelm, cultivate creativity and spark imagination, bring vibrancy and vitality to every part of their lives and ultimately become their own life coach.

The UK’s (and potentially the world’s) first personal life coach in a box
Draws from a wide range of proven modalities and centuries of thought — including practical life coaching prompts, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), creative mindfulness, visualisation and breathing exercises, as well as movement practices, to help people connect both mind and body, and create pragmatic, practical change. It’s like having a personal trainer for mind, body and soul.

Vibrant illustrations in juicy, vibrating colour with a cheeky wink
The designs prompt emotional and visceral response with the vibrant energy and rock'n'rollness of PracticalMagic. They are the ultimate concept album consisting of disco floor fillers, dayglo new wave stomps, gritty punk explosions and heart-stopping ballads.

Guidance both on and off the page
Activation exercises are presented immediately on the page along with guided meditations, creative visualisations and movement playlists available to download and enjoy.

Full Karmic Power
It’s not just a product, it’s a long-lasting experience that creates tangible and long-lasting positive impact on our lives, as well as others lives — £1 from the sale of every Practical Magic Activation Deck will be donated to Love Support Unite, supporting sustainable communities in Malawi.

Brought to you by Kate Taylor

Combining brains and beauty
Created by leading creativity & empowerment coach, Master NLP Practitioner & Clinical Hypnotherapist Kate Taylor who’s worked with 100s of personal and corporate clients throughout the world.
Practical Magic is Kate’s blended melting pot of expertise and extensive learning in the fields of coaching, NLP, mindfulness, psychology and neuroscience along with a little rock n roll. The deck has been illustrated by London based artist and printmaker Mat Denney.
Kate is regularly featured in publications such as Shortlist, Natural Health, Psychologies and The Pool as well as being the host of the popular Practical Magic Podcast.

What people are saying

“It really is the silver bullet medicine that looks like
candy.” – Ellie Taylor, Poole

“Beautiful little sparks of spirit. It’s this genius,
creative, straight to the heart, no nonsense,
bursting with love — a deck of potent cards and a
handbook of pure wisdom to inspire everyday and
awaken to the magic of being alive. I just love them.”
Sam Roy, Brighton

“The deck is like nothing I’ve ever seen before.
Completely fresh and inspiring. The magic is
available to me every day. Tap into a card a day and
get shit done! I can coach myself to where I need
to be.” – Amanda, Warrington

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