Welcome to Ikigai Apparel

Ikigai Apparel was Founded by Sophie in 20  We are a small, family run, Norfolk based company. We design and hand make raw gemstone, real leaf and seashell jewellery using artisan jewellers.

Whether you shop with us because you believe in the holistic properties of gemstones, because you are as inspired by nature as us or simply because you love the sparkle - there really is something unique and individual waiting for you.

‘Ikigai’ is a Japanese ancient philosophy and has shaped Sophie’s way of living and thinking. It is the secret to a long and happy life and simply means, ‘a reason for being’. According to the Japanese, searching for your own ikigai brings fulfillment and true meaning to life. ‘Iki’, means ‘life’ and ‘alive’. ‘Kai’ is your passion, mission vocation and profession. Collectively, these are known as ‘Gai’, your reason for living.

Join us on our journey and let us be part of your journey… This is more than just a website, we are creating a community of wonderful, inspiring people and that includes YOU!

There will be more fantastic collaborations to come so join our Mailing List, Facebook and Instagram pages for competitions, discounts and special offers.