Welcome to Ikigai Apparel

Established by Sophie

Sophie works closely with talented jewellers, artists and fashion designers to bring you beautiful, hand made, unique pieces. Sophie’s personal style and love of all things creative influences her collaborations and collections to give you an innovative, striking look.

‘Ikigai’ is a Japanese ancient philosophy and has shaped Sophie’s way of living and thinking. It is the secret to a long and happy life and simply means, ‘a reason for being’. According to the Japanese, searching for your own ikigai brings fulfillment and true meaning to life.

‘Iki’, means ‘life’ and ‘alive’. ‘Kai’ is your passion, mission vocation and profession. Collectively, these are known as ‘Gai’, your reason for living.

Join us on our journey and let us be part of your journey… This is more than just a website, we are creating a community of wonderful, inspiring people and that includes YOU!

There will be more fantastic collaborations to come so join our Facebook and Instagram pages for competitions, discounts, events and special offers.

Sophie and her team love to see you at events and remember, we will always have a new piece, especially for you.