Jewellery Care

To keep your jewellery’s brilliance, learn what to avoid and how to care for your precious metals, folia and natural gemstones with the care instructions below:

Caring For and Wearing Your Jewellery

How to Store Your Jewellery

Cleaning Precious Metals

Cleaning Gemstones

Cleaning Folia leaves

  • You will rarely need to clean or polish your Folia jewellery. If you wish to clean your Folia jewellery do so with a clean, soft cloth
  • Do not use tissue paper or paper towels to clean Folia as they can cause scratching.

How to Prevent Tarnishing

Gold Vermeil

"Gold Vermeil" means that our jewellery is made from a sterling silver base metal and is then coated with really thick 22k gold plate / rose gold plate.

Nickel is a trace metal which can be found in any precious metals such as silver or gold, it is also classified as an allergen.

We do not add Nickel to Ikigai Apparel jewellery, however trace amounts can be found in some of the metals used in our pieces. A very small number of people who are hypersensitive may suffer a reaction. Please inform our team via our Contact Us page quoting you receipt number if this affects you.